Ad #: 104772
MFG: Harley Davidson
Model: UH80
Year: 1937
Mileage: 1000
Price: $26000
City: bokeelia
State: FL
Phone: 3025445100
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This is a 1937 UH. It is an 80 cubic inch flathead engine with 4 speed transmission. This is a very fine solo “rider”, not a restored bike. If you wanted to classify this bike, I would call it a fifties style custom. If you want to pick at the bike over whether some part is original or correct for ‘37, you’re wasting your time and mine. I will attempt to summarize all that I know about the bike and all that has been done to this bike during the thirteen years I have owned it. The front end was rebuilt, with a new replica fork, bushings, bearings, chromed upper/lower springs, along with a set of beach bars from V Twin. The fork and bars were powder coated to match the bike. New brake cable, throttle cable, timing cable, high/low beam switch, horn switch, grips, and a single mirror were installed. The front star hub was rebuilt and laced to a new chrome 18 inch rim with stainless spokes and mounted with a new Coker tire and tube. The front brake assembly was also rebuilt at that time with new shoes and hardware. The headlight is the same one that was there when I bought the bike and has the red glass indicator for high beam. I did replace the horn with a V Twin replica. The rear star hub was rebuilt and new brake shoes and hardware were installed. The assembly was laced to a new 18 inch chrome rim with stainless spokes and mounted with a new Coker tire and tube. A new rear sprocket and drive chain was installed. I do not know much about the paint on the bike. It was well oxidized when I received it and I spent many hours bringing it to the current finish. The fenders, tank, and mountings are original. The rear fender has a chrome luggage rack from V Twin and is finished with a chrome fender tip that displays the eagle emblem. There is a forward engine guard, which I removed, but will go with the bike. The seat is the same as when I received the bike. I have no idea of the origin, but it is of good quality with nice trim. The pogo stick and seat bar are correct and good condition. I added a chrome battery cover and chrome chain guard. The dash appears to be original, but the ammeter and oil pressure gauges have been replaced with two red indicator lights for oil and charge, both of which function correctly. I replaced the speedometer with a white face replica from V Twin, which has the trip meter with chrome knob. The ignition switch is original, but there has never been a key. The tail light is a tombstone style from around the fifties. The footboards are the half-moon type with the Harley Davidson logo. The oil tank is original and was powder coated to match. Oil lines are correct for ’37, which was the only year for the banjo fittings. The shifter gate is chrome with a black shift lever and stock black shift knob. The single clutch pedal was replaced with a chromed rocker clutch pedal assembly, for safety sake, in heavy traffic. I still have the single pedal arrangement, which will go with the bike. The primary cover was powder coated with a chrome inspection cover and a chrome bird derby. The kick arm is chrome with a Harley Davidson black pedal. The electrics have been upgraded to 12 volt with a two wire Cycle Electric generator with built in solid state regulator. One of the most frequent problems with this bike was the original 6 volt system that constantly had regulator points failing. Installing the Cycle Electric generator/regulator created a reliable charging system that has not failed in the past ten years. I installed a sealed, gel filled, 12 volt battery that eliminates any possible overflow of acid. The coil and bulbs were replaced with 12 volt. Spark is still provided by a stock distributor with timing advance cable to the left hand grip. The engine is a 1937 UH as evidenced by the serial number on the casing. 1937 was the first year for the 80 inch flathead. The engine was rebuilt in 2007 by American Motorcycle Fabricators of Bloomsburg, PA. At that time their Harley Davidson Flathead motors held 11 Vintage Land Speed Records at Bonneville. Since then they have set a new record of 180 mph with a flathead using original 1937 casings. The 1937-40 casings have “blind races”. These were removed and have been updated with later races. Internal modifications were done to the crankcase, lifter block, and cam cover. The oil pump was rebuilt, ported, and modified. The connecting rods were rebuilt and the flywheels were machined, balanced, and trued. The cylinders were bored .50 over, fitted with new pistons, ported, flowed, and new valves installed. The intake was ported and new aluminum heads were installed. The oiling system was sealed at the primary and a belt drive was installed. The carb is a Linkert M51 which is correct for ’37. The carburetor installed is from Paul Friebus’ record holding ‘37 Flathead and is nickel plated. The air cleaner is one of the old V Twin round chrome with the foam filter. Exhaust is stock three piece in flat black with a fishtail tip. The right side cover on the transmission has been replaced and the internals rebuilt. The clutch was rebuilt at the time of the belt drive instalation. In 2011 a crack developed between the exhaust valve and bore of the front cylinder. Repairs were done by American Motorcycle Fabrication. New original bore cylinders were ported and flowed, then fitted with new pistons and rings. Not much more to say. This is an awesome bike that you can ride anywhere and always draws attention. Starts first kick, unless human error prevents it. Let me know if you have questions.
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